Determined to Thrive

After experiencing abuse at the hands of her partner, Anna and her two youngest children, fled for their safety. They ended up living in hotel rooms or staying with friends for a year before landing in a crisis shelter. Her counselor at the shelter suggested Bridge of Hope.

Anna came into Bridge of Hope determined to find employment, knowing stability would be impossible with just SSI/Disability as her only source of income. Finding a job had been difficult in the past after losing her leg to cancer and needing crutches for mobility. Anna was praying for housing, and when looking at rental properties, she knew immediately the one that would be their home. The property manager empathized with Anna’s situation and knew the owner would really like them as tenants. Finally – she had a place to live!

With Bridge of Hope’s initial rental assistance over the course of 10 months, Anna was able to regroup and plan how to take on full financial responsibility for their housing. Six months after taking a job, she was off Disability and able to establish a savings account.

With graduation now a few months behind her, Anna reflected on her experience with Bridge of Hope. She really connected with her case manager. “She didn’t judge me but she pushed me to do better,” Anna said. When Anna’s fire started to dim, her case manager was there to fan the flames and reignite her desire to keep going.

It was good for Anna to be able to build a community with her group of Neighboring Volunteers. They supported her by helping to deliver and set up a washer and dryer. They also shared in social outings like a day at the pool, coffee dates and an evening at the local fair.

Anna has learned a lot through her experience. She’s proud of herself and what she’s accomplished. She’s proud of how strong her children are. Anna remembers recently when her son wrapped his arms around her and said, “Mom, I just want to tell you that you’ve always been there for me, even when we were at the shelter and hotels. I just want to tell you I love you and I appreciate you.”

Anna is passionate about her relationship with God and His faithfulness in her life, despite the hardships and challenges she has faced. She recently started a new job and is excited as she had hoped to find a Christian employer. Actively involved in her church, Anna is also looking forward to leading a Bible study.

Anna’s determination affected positive change in her family’s life, and because of that, she and her kids are thriving. “Bridge of Hope is for people who actually want to change their life,” she said. Anna believes God has brought her to a level place, delivered from the pain and adversity in her past. Now, she is ready to share her story with others.


Nayr’s Story

Nayr’s life had hit a dead end. Despite a full-time job, she was stuck, living out of their car with no prospects of improvement save one: Bridge of Hope. Participation would require her to let down her guard and trust others, she knew. Would Nayr, who prided herself for her independence, be able to open up and accept help?

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Determined to Thrive