How can you use your social capital to help a family?

October 24, 2023

Elizabeth* was working as an activities director at a senior center and earning $18/hour, which she felt was not enough to maintain financial stability. She had discovered that she wants to work in real estate, and it turned out that is the field one of her Neighboring Volunteers works in. Through a connection from the volunteer, Elizabeth started a new job working at property management company with higher pay than she was previously making. Her Neighboring Volunteer also helped her choose real estate classes that she is now working to complete, which will hopefully allow her to advance further in her career.

An important step in the journey to end homelessness is that families improve their financial position, key to maintaining housing. Employment is foundational to achieving financial stability, so moms in Bridge of Hope often set goals around increasing their income through employment.

Are you and your faith community ready to step up to provide tangible and emotional support to a family facing homelessness? To learn more about how you can Neighbor a family in Bridge of Hope, contact Ty Williams at or 610-280-0280, ext. 1113.


Rachel Thomas Steadman, Program Director

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How can you use your social capital to help a family?