How amazing is this?

February 13, 2024

Mercedes’* path back into housing has been pretty amazing. After starting Bridge of Hope, she found a place that would fit her family, and in her desired location and price range. The landlord wanted to help a family in Bridge of Hope, but light renovations were needed and would take several months. One of Mercede’s Neighboring Volunteers went with her to see the house and evaluated what needed to be done. The entire group of Neighboring Volunteers offered to complete the work themselves so the family could move in sooner!

One couple from the group led the project and organized the other volunteers. They painted, hung up blinds and cleaned, while making sure Mercedes was involved in the decisions about how she wanted her home to look. The landlord was generous and supportive throughout the process, allowing access to the house before the lease officially started so the volunteers could work. He also gave a rent credit for the first month since the group helped him save a lot of time and money.

Mercedes feels a sense of relief over being settled and is so appreciative of the support from her Neighboring Volunteers! Through God’s leading, a call to love our neighbor and the amazing ways we can share our time and talents, families find home.


Rachel Thomas Steadman, Program Director


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How amazing is this?