Will you open your heart this Valentine’s Day?

February 9, 2023

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, a holiday often dedicated to romantic love. But what if we used it to show love to our neighbors?

A Neighboring Volunteer went over to a mom’s house one morning, thinking she was going to take her to pick up a new dresser. The weather turned out to be cold and snowy that day. So instead of going to pick up the dresser, the Neighboring Volunteer spent a few hours with the mom sitting at her kitchen table in meaningful conversation.

This was a big step for the mom in learning to trust her Neighboring Volunteers and build relationships with them. Her progress was made easier because the volunteer was willing to be available and open her heart that snowy morning.

While tangible help like picking up furniture is important, sometimes the best thing we can do for moms in Bridge of Hope is lend a listening ear. Homelessness is lonely. With these acts of kindness, we demonstrate Christ’s love to moms and their children when they need it most.

Are you and your faith community ready to step up to provide tangible and emotional support to a family facing homelessness? To learn more about how you can Neighbor a family in Bridge of Hope, contact Rachel Thomas Steadman at rachelts@bridgeofhopeinc.org or 610-280-0280 x1103.


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Will you open your heart this Valentine’s Day?