The Hands of Jesus

April 14, 2020

One of the grounding principles that guides the work of Bridge of Hope is the creation of an intentional network of support. Research shows that for most who are facing homelessness, the reasons are not what we may typically think. One of the underlying conditions that keeps people homeless is the lack of a support system. In this time of COVID-19, many of us are blessed to continue working from home, not feeling the financial strain that others are facing on a daily basis. Many of us have families that are relatively healthy; our children do not have underlying health issues that make them immune-compromised and more susceptible to illness than others. And, many of us have a social network – a group or groups of people we trust, feel connected to, and can reach out to when we need something: our faith-based families, extended family and close friends to name a few.

The families that are currently being served in Bridge of Hope are not only facing homelessness. They are struggling with stable and gainful employment; mental health issues that have gone untreated; children whose health have been compromised by medical issues they were born with, or developed. God calls God’s people to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and there are so many ways to help families find a renewed sense of hope – through prayer, financially giving to Bridge of Hope Chester County, and maybe being a Neighboring church for a family who is facing homelessness in your community. The opportunities to be hands and feet to a family are tangible, needed, and reciprocal.

Lisa Cameron
Executive Director of Bridge of Hope Chester County

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The Hands of Jesus