Second Chances, or Why I Love my Job

February 24, 2022

A glance at my calendar only tells part of the story. Each day is so different. Meeting with one of our families to sign a lease, after a long search for an affordable apartment. A virtual meeting to review a budgeting plan put together by a mother who is learning to live on one income, and then helping another mom apply for day camp so her elementary age children will have a safe place (and fresh air and exercise) this summer while she is working. Then a quick trip to a garage to drop off a check for another mom’s emergency tire repair, which couldn’t wait until payday because she needed to get to work.  What my calendar doesn’t show are the joyful phone calls from a mom who just got a job offer, the donor offering to rent an apartment to a family or the Neighboring Volunteer who negotiated a dental procedure for one of the children in the program.

This is why I love my job! As the Program Director, a large portion of my job is case management, working one-on-one with the families in the program. It is incredibly rewarding! Case managers for Bridge of Hope have the ability to make life-changing impact. We are in the business of second chances. I love to see a family reaching their goals. I am honored to hear first-hand the gratitude that families feel for Bridge of Hope, for their Neighboring Volunteers, and most of all, for their new-found confidence and plans for their future.

Rachel Thomas Steadman, Program Director


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Second Chances, or Why I Love my Job