Confidence is a super-power

June 14, 2022

Jessie’s husband was the sole provider for their family of nine for many years. When Jessie and her husband separated she tried to support herself and the children by working as a home health nurse. However, she did not make enough to rent a house and provide for her large family and their needs. She felt broken and inadequate. Someone at her church suggested Bridge of Hope, and when she was accepted into the program, her church created a wonderful group of Neighboring Volunteers to support them.

Jessie is learning so much – her husband controlled their finances and many aspects of her life, so she is learning to budget and make decisions on her own. She has decided to go back to school to learn medical transcription, which will build on her education and provide a better income and the flexibility she needs to raise her family. She has applied for an education micro-grant to help pay for the classes, and should be able to finish the program within a year!

She also found a house with a garden (and she loves to garden!) that fits their family, and took the initiative to meet with the property owner. When he heard her story, he reduced the rental fee, and they have moved in. With Bridge of Hope’s help she is learning how to meet her family’s needs financially, and with the support of her Neighboring Volunteers, is building confidence in her abilities, and in their future.


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Confidence is a super-power