A Leap of Faith

October 20, 2020

When I think about the emotions associated with doing something unknown, what resonates with me is how easy it is to revert back to what I know, to what is familiar. Maybe you have felt this at times as well? For me, it typically happens when I have something to lose; I’m standing on the edge of something new, like a shift in a relationship or an opportunity to use my voice as an advocate. In those moments, there are a few seconds when I question whether I’m making the ‘right’ decision, and whether to move forward. Because making the wrong one will certainly have an impact on my life.

When families reach out to Bridge of Hope for services, they’re taking a leap of faith. They are hoping that we will be able to help them, so they can change the trajectory of their lives. The openness to the unknown captivates me every time I speak with family members who share their story of hardship and struggle. And I realize that they are taking a leap of faith with me and with Bridge of Hope.

I also think about all of the Neighboring Volunteers who show up to provide necessary and intentional support to families in need. They don’t know the family they have been matched with. They don’t know what the needs are, or what to do next. And it hits me again: Neighboring Volunteers are taking leaps of faith as well. All these are examples of people showing up for each other, having no idea what that looks like. It literally renders me speechless.

There has always been a need for more church involvement when it comes to the work of Bridge of Hope. The list of families in need far outweighs the number of churches daring to take a leap of faith, to say yes to intentionally supporting someone in the community. We are still surviving in the midst of a global pandemic and families are still in need. As you stand on the edge of committing your time and resources to help a family, will you take that leap of faith? I have a feeling it will be one of the best things you will do this year.

Lisa Cameron
Executive Director
Bridge of Hope Chester County

A Leap of Faith